Individual retrieval of your highly valuable samples is now easier than ever. Usage of the 2D FloydTubepicker allows easy and faster collection of sample tubes. Sample selection is performed by loading a worklist from your LIMS system or manually selected samples in the accompanying software.

The storage tube racks (SBS 96-Well format) with an 1D identification will be recognized immediately by the integrated barcode reader and selected samples will be presented.


  • An unique 2D Tubepicking application useful for a wide range of apllications including biobanking, drug, discovery, and many other life science research needs
  • Usage of both Ultra low frozen and thawed sampletubes
  • Users can easily create lists of racks and tubes
  • An additional 2D barcode scanner allows sample track and trace of your valuable samples
  • Reduce potential damage to library stocks by only cherry picking the samples you need
  • Laboratory staff in turn spends less time on recurrent and time-consuming operations and dedicate more precious time to research activity.