Pipetting Robots

Synchron is a supplier of innovative multi-tipped robotic XYZ liquid handling systems and robot friendly functional modules for Laboratory Automation.


The modular design of our platform allows the hardware to be configured and upgraded to suit a very wide range of applications and different throughput demands.

Custom Automation

Synchron develops custom solutions and our workstation, including deck, can be customised and optimised to automate any protocol.

Synchron News

MolGen acquires Synchron Lab Automation | April 26 2023 . Read more here


You can meet us at the following events or tradeshows:

Keygene| Wageningen, Netherlands | November 30 2023

With our building block concept you will be able to build your own optimal system in just a few steps. The building block concept also allows you to cost effectively upgrade and modify your application.
Choose what you currently need most and then upgrade and adapt your system in line with market requirements, as your business develops.

If we can think it, we can make it.